About Us

Established in 2000, HARMONY Carpets & Curtains has over the years acquired a very respectable clientele list. Our quality and service has given us satisfaction and pride in front of our customers. These years of competition has made us grow strong, and has strengthened our position in the market.

This is the reason why a branch have been put up to widen our scope and to cater the ever increasing clientele and for our customers to reach us easier wherever their locations are.

HARMONY is being compared to a sweet melody that combines the magic of the Arabic world with a soft touch and style from the modern world. Carpets & Curtains have been known to clear the atmosphere, to add a touch of much needed emphasis and attention and to liven up the mood in any house or office.

HARMONY Carpets & Curtains have a diversified line of expertise which includes home furnishings, office furnishings, domestic kitchen and fixtures, carpets, oriental carpets, curtains and upholstery fabrics, wall papers, metal blinds, decoration materials and partitions plus blankets, towels and linens.

HARMONY offers stylish designs from the world of curtains and carpets, designs and produces sofa sets as well as Arabic majlis. One can also find a wide variety of office curtains and choose from our wide variety of parquets and carpets. The finest imported selection of cloth for furniture upholstery adds to our well presented collection. Curtain fixing is also included in our services.

We can add a touch of chic and elegance to our client’s curtains from our wide selection and its beautiful accessories.

Our list of clients includes hotels, banks, offices, apartments, and villas. Why not be the next one on our long and privileged list?

HARMONY is capable of delivering services to the utmost satisfaction of its customers.

We are located in the heart of the city in Al Mina Area in Dubai and a branch in Satwa area.

Pest Control : Whether it crawls or flies, DAPCO offers its services to exterminate all insects and rodents from your premises. Our clients include offices, residences, hotels, banks, oil rigs, and ships.

You want a household pesticide for insects and roaches, we have it.

You want to control plant diseases (indoor and outdoor), we can recommend several choices.

Other available items are rat poison, slug and snail killer bait, snake baits, etc…..

Ship : Want to fumigate your ship? 24 hours or 48 hours methods are available. Regular sprays can also be undertaken.

Oil Rigs : Our staff is trained in the latest safety standards of treating oil rigs.

Rat Problems : Anti coagulant poisons are the most common here and once a small piece is eaten by the rat it guarantees death within 6-10 days.

Hotels : Whether it be a single room or several hundred, our service will never lack in quality. Night time sprays are also common in our business.